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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Newest Grand Representative and OV Belfair & Welcome

It was my pleasure this evening (January 6th) to present the Grand Representative of South Dakota in Washington commission to my escort - Donald J. Daly. Donald's information can be found in the 2009-10 Blue Book, as Jr. PP of Belfair Chapter.

Judy Nielsen, former Grand Representative of South Dakota was in attendance as were many other former Grand Reps (I was too busy to count).

Since it was the Official Visit of Belfair and Welcome Chapters we also had the WGM, WGP, 2 PGM, 2 PGP and 4 Grand Officers in attendance.

A fun evening was had by all starting with a dinner selection of five different, delicious soups before the meeting, continuing with musical entertainment by Ruth Casebolt of Welcome Chapter and a snowball fight between the WMs and WPs in attendance. Quite comical!

Star Hugs,
Sandra K. Henry, Grand Secretary

Boy are people in a rush. Whew anyway we had at least 40 members from Belfair and Welcome Chapters present to hear the antics of G Sec'y Sandra give Donald his G Rep of S Dakota commission. So Vicki said "Hurry up Dan!" My answer was of course, "Yes dear!"

Pictures courtesy of Dan Voorhees!
Thanks, Vicki!

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