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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another New Grand Representative

Monday evening January 4th, Grand Martha, Penny Bosley (assisted by Grand Ruth, Stella Brown) stopped at the Oasis (Chapter). While they were there and under “Good of the Order”, they put on their Happy New Year tiaras and presented little nuggets of happiness to all in attendance. The last gift was a “pull-type cracker” which they presented to Silver Star member Nancy Beall. When Nancy unwrapped the “cracker”, she found her commission as Grand Representative of Colorado.

Nancy was temporarily speechless, Penny read it aloud for her. Nancy, Penny and Stella were all Forget-me-not Deputies. There were 14 present and former Grand Representatives (including Nancy’s mother Lois) in attendance. Nancy is also Conductress of Oasis Chapter this year and we are all very proud of her, too.

Nancy and former GR of Colorado Kay Woodward
Reported by:
Pete Peterson, GR of Alberta

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