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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Grand Representative

Last night (January 4th) at Faith Chapter in Parkland with 48 members in attendance a Grand Representative commission was given. When the current Grand Representatives were introduced Terry Mosler spoke up saying that there seemed to be someone missing as the sides weren't even. At that point Associate Grand Conductress, Gerry Mosler got up and said that maybe she could fix that.

She then went around the chapter room asking several people if they had seen this person as she showed them a name in her special file folder. No one seemed to know where the person was. Finally she went up to the East and rang her "Teacher's Pet" bell and had WP Gary Roth check the file folder where he found his name. Gerry then introduced Gary as the new Grand Representative of Missouri in Washington. Gary just happens to have several family ties to Missouri.
Gary was his wife Dee's escort when she was a "Teacher's Pet" Deputy Instructor in 1991-92. Attending the meeting were 2 PGM, 1 PGP, 2 Grand Officers, 3 Grand Representatives, 2 DI, 3 WM & 3 WP. There were also 16 former Grand Representatives there to welcome the new appointee.
Congratulations, Gary!

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