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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sad News

Ruth Whitehouse, former Grand Representative of Oregon, passed away on November 15, 2009 in Olympia. Family and friends will gather for a Memorial Service at 4:00 PM on Friday, December 11, 2009 at South Sound Manor, 455 North St SE, Tumwater. A light supper will be served following the memorial.

Friday, November 27, 2009

New photo albums uploaded and more coming

We are excited to have Dan and Vicki Voorhees join the blog family by sharing many of their photo albums. The first album from Grand Chapter in June is up now and accessible on the sidebar under Photo Albums. There will be more albums available soon, so keep checking back for more. Thanks for doing this Dan and Vicki!

Also, there are photos of Analia and Doric's Craft Fair. Analia is in charge of the vendors, raffles and bake sale and Doric is in charge of the Starlight Cafe. Pictures are from today, Friday, Nov. 27th. We will also be open from 10 to 4 tomorrow, so if you're in the area come on down to the Edmonds Masonic Center and pick out a few presents for your friends and family and have some delicious food.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Hugs to all!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Reception - Peggy Mills Grand Marshal, Nov. 21, 2009

(unofficial count) Almost 190 people gathered to celebrate the reception of Grand Marshal Peggy Mills at the Scottish Rite center in Tacoma. The members of Cedar Chapter......

and Guiding Star Chapter, were very proud to honor their member.

The Grand Officers enjoyed a very special day.
Eleven Past Grand Marshals of OES and 2 from Grand Lodge were present.

Peggy's family was well represented - even those who left too early for pictures!

Entertainment was provided by Peggy's Dad - Russ Coffman who sang a duet of the "Hawaiian Wedding Song" with Stephanie Hoye. Then "I Believe" Stephanie sang another song!

Official photographer Dan Voorhees found a new use for his apron - or he was trying to keep the reflection off his head from interfering with the flash.
After the reception there were delicious cookies in the dining hall.

GR HN - Charline Larson - SC and Bill Shortt - CO, Greenwood Chapter, Nov17, 2009

Close to 100 people spent a fun and happy evening celebrating with Greenwood Chapter as they honored their two Grand Representatives - Charline Larson representing South Carolina and Bill Shortt representing Colorado.

Worthy Matron (and Charline's daughter ) Karin Whipple and Worthy Patron Tim Hall did a great job of keeping the meeting moving along.

Responders included Gail Nickerson and Amy Smith for the Grand Representatives, Grand Sentinel Frank Pascoe, PGM Joanne Clark, PGP Terry Wiggins and PGP and GGCCM Brian Gross.

There were 36 current and former Grand Representatives present.

Bill's deputy group - the Hearts in Harmonys - were also well represented.

Before the meeting there was a delicious dinner and afterwards delicious treats.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

OV - Ferndale, Nov 16, 2009

If anyone has more information about any of the OVs without descriptions, please e-mail us and we'll be happy to add it to the posts.

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OV - Silver Star & Harmony, Nov 14, 2009

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OV & 100th - Delta, Nov. 13, 2009

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OV - Maple & Henry Wentworth, Nov 11, 2009

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OV & 100th - Grace, Oct. 26, 2009

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OV - Okanogan - October 14, 2009

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OV - Bethlehem-Pine Tree, Oct 19, 2009

WGP Dennis Okicich gave me a CD with lots of pictures from events not on the blog, so here they are - separated by event. ENJOY!

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Monday, November 16, 2009

GR HN - Gail Nickerson, Lakeside - Delaware - Nov 14, 2009

Almost 60 members and guests gathered at Lakeside Chapter in Bellevue on Saturday, November 14th as they honored their Grand Representative of Delaware Gail Nickerson.

Gail, who is Worthy Matron, and her Worthy Patron Scott Anderson opened Chapter and then she turned her gavel over to AM Joanne Bornstine who did a great job of leading the meeting.

Responses were given by Jean Ballard for the Grand Representatives, Gerry Mosler for the Grand Officers and Cheri Moll for the past grands.
The room was filled with current and former Grand Representatives.

Grand Sentinel Frank Pascoe enjoyed posing for pictures with Gail.

After the meeting we gathered for delicious refreshments - including chicken nuggets (the Delaware blue hens? It was a wonderful afternoon.


GR HN - Tess Kent, Nesika, Nova Scotia & PEI - Nov 13, 2009

There was a nice crowd at Nesika Chapter to honor their member Tess Kent, Grand Representative of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island in Washington.

Several current and past Grand Representatives joined in the festivities.

Wonderful responses were given by Amy Smith for the Grand Representatives, Sandy Henry for the Grand Officers, Sandy McAmmond for the Past Grand Matrons and Al Butterfield for the Past Grand Patrons.

The only damper on the night was when Al announced that he and Eunice have sold their house in Renton and purchased one in Coeur D'Alene. They will be moving over there permanently in mid-December and we will certainly miss them here on the west side.

After the meeting everyone enjoyed delicious cookies and ice cream in the dining hall.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Reception - Grand Adah, Kristine Ford, Nov 7, 2009

(Unofficial count) About 120 members and friends braved the rainy weather for a warm and sunny reception for Grand Adah Kristine Ford of Pacific Chapter. The reception was held at the Artisan in Ilwaco and the room was filled with love and laughter.

WGP Dennis Okicich couldn't resist having a picture taken with the guest of honor.

The Grand Officers were pleased to gather for Kristine and Grand Martha Penny Bosley did a great job of roasting her. Other responses were given by one of our newest General Grand Chapter Committee members - Gerry Shafer, PGM. Also responding were Marilyn Hoots, PGM and Paul Runyan who provided us with a very funny top 10 list dedicated especially to our Grand Adah.

Kristine's handsome husband and escort Gene was obviously proud of her and happy to be by her side.

It was a beautiful day despite the weather and everyone had a wonderful time.