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Friday, November 6, 2009

2009 - General Grand Chapter update #4

(Pictures are in the 2009- General Grand Chapter album on the sidebar of the blog)

Good evening everyone,

We watched the closing of General Grand Chapter this morning. We went back this evening for the Installation. The new decorations are beautiful. It was a garden with a large rock wall in the East. You will have to go to Texas in three (3) years to see it.

The following officers were installed:

MWGM - Rennie Ofton, Texas
MWGP - Frederick Clarke, Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island
RWAGM - Bobbi White, W. Virginia
RWAGP - John Grobler, Washington
RWGS - Alma Lynn Bane, Texas
RWGT - Glenda Winchester, S. Carolina
Chairman-RWG Trustee - Michael Berry, Kentucky
RWG Trustee - Paula Argus, Utah
RWG Trustee - Betty Briggs, Iowa
RWG Conductress - Helen Westmoreland, Florida
RWAG Conductress - Marianne Shenefeldt, Wyoming
WG Chaplain - Elizabeth Bordeaux, Texas
WG Marshal - Mary Lockridge, Michigan
WG Organist - Rosemary Swetland, Texas
WG Adah - Marilyn Woods, Missouri
WG Ruth - Connie Woodward, Ontario
WG Electa - Margaret Clarke, Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island (MWGP's wife)
WG Martha - Diane Peters, Arkansas
WG Electa - Elizabeth Roach, Louisiana
WG Warder - Vivian Chrisopulos, Ohio
RWG Sentinel - Robert Penoyer, Pennsylvania

All General Grand Appointments and officers are wearing the same style dress. It is 3 piece with a flowing skirt, a top that has rhinestones around the neckline, and a long sleeved jacket with rhinestones around the edge of the front & back of the neck and the end of the sleeves.

The GGC Officers are in a dark ruby red color. Their escorts are in black. The three elected men officers wore a black tux with tails.

The GGC Committee Members and Ambassadors are in teal. (Gerry Shafer, PGM) The escorts are in gray. (Rose Gross, escort to PGP, Brian Gross)

The Executive Committee are in bright red.

The Tri-Line Officers are in Royal Blue. (WGM, Marge Ramsdell)

There is also a coral, but we could not figure out who they were and they were not introduced.

The Rainbow Girls from Texas came and presented a Bible to both Rennie, MWGM, and Fred, MWGP. It was a beautiful ceremoney at the altar done by their Grand Worthy Advisor.

I have included 9 pictures from the Installation.

We have had a great time, but are anxious to get back home tomorrow.

Chocolate Hugs & Kisses,
Diane Osborne, PGM


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