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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Great Washington news from Australia

Well, now that it is all said and done with - the 'secret' is out!

I have been installed as District Grand Esther, of the South Brisbane District Grand Chapter of Queensland. It has been quite the journey for this PM of Laurel #47 (and former June Bug Deputy Instructor!). After 2 years in the east of my local chapter (Mizpah #12) here in the Grand Chapter of Queensland, the District Grand Matron of the district we are in has seen fit to appoint me to my favorite (and original position!) star point. Some of you may get the joke about having someone of my stature as queen - with 'lesser' mortals being in the other star points, but in this case (at least height wise) it was true!

It was a wonderful day in Toowoomba, QLD with lots of great food and even a bit of rain in this drought-stricken area. Who would have thought that the sound of thunder would bring so many smiles to the star members assembled for our WDGM Rosalie Ruddick's installation? To top it off, I had a wonderful ride up there (a 2 hour drive from here on the Gold Coast) with a PDGM and PDGP (Margaret and Bruce Barringer) - as well as a fellow star point (DG Electa - Lydia Webster)! We even made it home with most of the traffic clogs all going the other way.

There are a few members from Queensland going to the US for an extended visit, and I believe some of them may even end up in Seattle before they come home. So - if you hear some Aussie accents between now and December around chapters in the Seattle-area, introduce yourself and think of me. While I may have lost some of my web-footing from the west-side, I will always be a Washington OES member!

Star Love,

** Linda A. Lorentz Fletcher, PM - Laurel #47, Washington Grand Chapter *and* ,PWM Mizpah #12, District Grand Esther, South Brisbane District Grand Chapter, Grand Chapter of Queensland, United Grand Chapter of Australia

WooHoo! Congratulations Linda! Washington is proud of you!

(Reprinted from the Stars of Washington - thanks Connie!)

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