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Monday, November 23, 2009

GR HN - Charline Larson - SC and Bill Shortt - CO, Greenwood Chapter, Nov17, 2009

Close to 100 people spent a fun and happy evening celebrating with Greenwood Chapter as they honored their two Grand Representatives - Charline Larson representing South Carolina and Bill Shortt representing Colorado.

Worthy Matron (and Charline's daughter ) Karin Whipple and Worthy Patron Tim Hall did a great job of keeping the meeting moving along.

Responders included Gail Nickerson and Amy Smith for the Grand Representatives, Grand Sentinel Frank Pascoe, PGM Joanne Clark, PGP Terry Wiggins and PGP and GGCCM Brian Gross.

There were 36 current and former Grand Representatives present.

Bill's deputy group - the Hearts in Harmonys - were also well represented.

Before the meeting there was a delicious dinner and afterwards delicious treats.

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