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Thursday, November 5, 2009

2009 - General Grand Update #3

Hello everyone,

We finished the resolutions and had the elections today. Here are the results.
Elections: RWG Secretary - Alma Lynn Bane, PGM Texas
RWAG Conductress - Marianne Shenefelt, PGM Wyoming
RWG Sentinel - Robert Penoyer, PGP Pennsylvania
Grand Trustee - Betty Briggs, PGM Iowa
All others moved up the line.

Our WGM, Sister Marge, did an excellent job of nominating Brother John Grobler for the position of RWAG Patron. Our WGP, Brother Dennis, seconded the nomination.

#28 - Would add all elected GGC Officers as ex-officio members of the Board of RW Grand Trustees.
#30 - Would amend procedures for filling vacancies of Elected GGC Officers at Triennial Assemblies.
#32 - Would remove the "out-of-office for at least three (3) years or one triennium" requirememt before a RW Grand Trustee becomes eligible for candidacy to another elected office.
#33 - Would permit the use of the Square and Compasses upon the Bible if permitted by the Grand Lodge concerned. Note:(Texas already does this.)
#35 - Clarifies use of the term "candidates" as opposed to "New Members". Also ammended to replace "crippled" to "disabled".
#43 - Clarifies certain responsibilities of the Office of the RWG Secretary as set forth in the Constitution and Bylaws.

We began the morning with a joint breakfast of the West Virginia members and Washington members. It was nice to meet those we will be working with for the next 6 years. Washington wore our green jackets and West Virginia wore their red jackets. I have included several photos.

I am including pictures of the decorations in the Grand East. They include a stained glass Cherokee Emblem, an eagle carved out of wood, a small buffalo of which there are two, the pedestals in the Grand East that have dream catchers inside the glass, and the Indian Paint Brush (flower) and yellow mums.

You can also see your WGM and WGP in front of the large white buffalo. #031 is where the WGM has the bull by the horns, with WGP ready to catch her if needed. We are having fun.

One last picture with PGP J. Paul Fitsimmons, Florence, and Margaret Sherman as they are reading the paper.

Chocolate Hugs & Kisses,
Diane Osborn, PGM

(All pictures are in the 2009 - General Grand Album on the sidebar of the blog)


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