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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

General Grand Chapter - 2009 - Report #2

(Pictures referred to will be posted in the General Grand Chapter album on the sidebar.)


Well, I have seen more people and now my list is up to 57 Washington members with 20 PGs. I tried to take a picture of someone for each different outfit. All of the ladies outfits are skirts with a vest that match and a blouse.

Personal Pages: They have a light sand with a black blouse.

Pages to John Grobler: Marcia Beck, Donna Miles, Judy Nalley, & Marilyn Veile (Picture of Marcia with John)
Note these pictures say Wed. but it is really Tues.

Tri-Line Officers: Ours is nutmeg with a black blouse.
Joanne Clark, Marjoe Richards, & Diane Osborne (Picture included)

Assembly Guards: These are men and have a black vest and pants with a white shirt and red tie.
Chairman: Don McAmmond
Assistants to the RWG Sentinel: Same outfit
Chairman: Brian Gross; also Dick Weigel (Picture included)

Assembly Pages: They have black with a yellow blouse.
Helen Collins (Picture included)

All Assistants: They have black with a red blouse.
Assistants to the RWAGM: Barbara Hedden, Marilyn Hoots & Gerry Shafer
Assistants to the RWAGC: Ann Gates, Joy Lough, Marge Ramsdell & Sandy McAmmond Assistant to the RWAGC: Carmen Ivey
Assistant to the WG Warder: Sherrie Connell (Picture included)

Assembly Ushers: They have black with turquoise. Rose Gross & Sharon Spudich (Picture included)

Great Spirit Choir: They have a white Indian apron
Members are Polly Thomassen and Gail Moore (Picture included)

GGC Officers have Turquoise with a black blouse. Included is a picture of MWGM, Barbara Benton & MWGP, Bill Owens.

Friend of a Feather: Tan outfit with a black blouse. Joan Kershner (Picture included)

All those who are helping have a feather pin. (Picture is included)

General Grand Chapter Committee Members have red with a black blouse.
VisionQuest, June Lee, PGM; Registration, Kit Wells, PGM; & Appeals-Grievances, Chuck Callen (Picture included)

We started on the Resolutions today. I will only include those that have passed. We will finish them tomorrow. Elections are also tomorrow, Wed.

#3 - Various minor "Housekeeping" typographical corrections or administrative ommissions in the GGC Red Book.

#5 - Would add "Aunts" to membership eligibility definitions.

#8 - Would Codify certain administrative guidelines to be followed by Chapters directly under GGC in the surrendering of a charter.

#10 - Would change the definition of the duties of the Payroll Committee.

#11 - Would require Pre-Registration of Subordinate Chapter Delegates and Deputies.

#14 - Would Codify certain administrative guidelines for Chapters directly under GGC involving certain Reinstatement and Issuance of Demit conditions.

#15 - 14 various "Housekeeping" typographical errors, minor administrative changes and clarifications of language in the Ritual.

#16 - Would renumber certain portions of the Secret Work and the Ritual. NOTE: 5 items

#18 - Would add certain instructions from Page 71 of the Book of Instruction to Page 22 of the Ritual. NOTE: All members should read the following passages of Scripture: Judges, Chapters 11-12; Ruth, Chapters 1-4; Esther, Chapters 1-10; John, Chapter 11; Matthew, Chapters 17-21; Second Epistle of John.

#20 - Would amend a portion of the WM's Address on Pg 77 NOTE: Here (the members of the Order of the Eastern Star) may become willing helpers in the service of humanity.

#21 - Seeks to amend Pg 62 of the Book of Instruction on Reverent Attitude and the Attitude of Prayer. NOTE: The Reverent Attitude is assumed when the Conductress enters the Labyrinth----, when the Chaplain enters----, when the WP gives the Obligation------, during a Memorial Ceremony-------. The Attitude of Prayer is assumed during prayer and held until after the response.

#23 - Seeks to clarify users of the four copies of the Secret Work. NOTE: 4 copies---WP; AP; Conductress; & Assoc. Conductress

#24 - Would eliminate the duplication between parts of the Secret Work and the Ritual by deleting only the duplicate wording now existing in the Secret Work.

#26 - Would add "Youth Committee" as a Standing Committee.

#42 - Would change usage of Alternative Funeral Service for former members. NOTE: It may only be used for former members who have been issued a demit or were suspended for non-payment of dues.

That is all for today. Tomorrow there will be more.

Chocolate Hugs & Kisses,


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