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Thursday, January 12, 2012


I had the privilege of attending Tacoma Chapter Friends’ Night Jan 11th to present the Grand Representative commission for New Jersey to Brother William ‘Bill’ Miller.

I used the “State” song to introduce the jurisdiction. If you don’t know the song it uses a state to ask a question and another one to answer that question. For example: the question might be “What did Idaho?” and the answer would be “She hoed her Maryland.” Several members were given cards with state names and as each question was asked, the person with the appropriate state name would stand up then sit back down. When the question was “What did Delaware?” Brother Bill stood up with the answer, “New Jersey” but instead of sitting back down, the conductress escorted him to the East for introduction. In attendance were: 4 PGM and PGP; 3 Grand Officers; 3 present and several former Grand Representatives.

Marjorie Bamford, Grand Organist

I traveled to Evening Star Chapter in Almira, WA to present a Grand Representative Commission to Yvaughn Carstensen, to the State of Arkansas.

Grand Ruth Janice Glidden had a HUGE Oversized Coffee Cup Planter filled with all things Arkansas, even to their Flag. Fun questions were asked to everyone present and then the Conductress escorted Yvaughn to the East where she was presented her Cup of Joy and Love from our beautiful Grand Chapter of Washington and our WGM Gloria and WGP Frank and their Grand Officers.

There were 3 Past Grand Matrons present, 3 appointed Grand Officer: Pat Scales, Grand Electa, Shirley Armstrong, Grand Warder and myself Janice Glidden, Grand Ruth; 3 Grand Representatives and one Worthy Patron. After the meeting we took allot of pictures and there were 16 Former Grand Representatives present. 9 Eastern Star members accompanied Janice to Almira. Fun was had by all. Delightful evening.

Janice Glidden, Grand Ruth

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