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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Tuesday evening, January 24th, I had the pleasure of attending the Friendship Night at Amethyst Chapter #138 where I presented the Grand Representative of Delaware Commission to Sister Nancy Lambert. (She is Secretary of Amethyst so her address is in the Blue Book.)

Traveling with me were Phyllis Hippler, FGR-Delaware, Lillian Gallion, FGR-California, and Bill Davis, my Escort. There were several other current or former Grand Representatives present, including Gail Nickerson, also FGR-Delaware.

With Sister Nancy being Chapter Secretary, I used both Phyllis (a former secretary) and Gail (current secretary) in the presentation.

The Current Grand Reps were introduced as usual. Then in my response, I asked all of the FGRs to stand - as my "special friends" (since it was Friendship night). Then with a few questions, eliminated all but Phyllis and Gail - who were the "last ones standing". I asked them to step to the East, and gave them a secret word - SECRETARY- and sent them out to search among all of our Friends to find the right person and bring her to the East.

Sister Nancy was presented the Certificate of her Commission, then a rubber BLUE HEN CHICKEN - the Delaware State Bird; and finally the actual Grand Representative Pin - which also is a Blue Hen Chicken -- a very nice one!!

Nancy was truly excited and ended up doing "The Chicken Dance" (impromptu music by the oh-so-talented Nancy O'Neill), which will likely become her new theme song.

Judy Nielsen, Grand Esther

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