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Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Grand Representative

It was my pleasure tonight to present a commission at Belfair Chapter.
To make things fun (after the Bible was closed) I selected six ladies to come to the East. I hung a sign around each of their necks that said "The ONLY answer is NO, YES or MAYBE" - on the back of them I pinned a different sign. One sign said Sarah Palin; another was Nancy Regan; 3) Dolly Parton; 4) Little Red Riding Hood; 5) Shirley Temple; 6) Grand Representative of Utah.

They had about four minutes to walk around the membership, show them the signs on their back and then ask questions trying to determine who they were supposed to be. The only answer the membership could give was YES, NO, or MAYBE. The only one who guessed who they were supposed to be was WGM Gloria since the sign on her back was 'Little Red Riding Hood' and someone managed to give it away.

When all was said and done, the ladies came back to the east and as I placed my hand over each of their heads the membership was to clap to indicate who had done the best job. Naturally the loudest and most enthusiastic clapping was for WM Pam Rookard, the new Grand Representative of Utah!

In attendance were two current Grand Representatives, two former Grand Representatives of Utah; and numerous former Grand Representatives.

It appeared a fun time was had by all.
Sandra K. Henry, Grand Secretary

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