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Monday, January 9, 2012

Lots of prayers needed!

This concerns Anita Borst of Evening Star Chapter in Almira, she was Grand Ruth in 2010-2011. Her husband Phil Borst is the Grand Representative to Vermont.

Anita has dealt with severe and rare health issues for the last few years. She was in the hosiptal just before Christmas. She was sent home with oxygen. She is not able to do anything. I talked with her sister-in-law, Kathleen Miller, past Grand Esther. She says it is not looking good. Anita has absolutely no strength at all. She has Shingles in her eyes and had pheumonia while in the hospital. Her birthday is the same day as her brother's, Daryl Miller. She was unable to attend the party.

Please keep both Phil and especially Anita in your prayers. They are definately needed.

Diane Osborne, PGM


First, many of you may not have heard about Phil and Leslie Green's daughter. While I have shared the information with our five Grand Families, I have not made this as a general information item. The time has come to share. 

Over the Christmas weekend, their daughter, Melissa (a member of Grand Coulee Dam Chapter) was hospitalized with acute hepatitis, liver and kidney failure. Greens were in VA with son Kelly and his family. They caught the first flight they could manage which wasn't until 2:30AM Friday. They arrived in Spokane mid-day Friday and have been at Melissa's side virtually 24 hours a day since then. By New Years weekend she had deteriorated to a point of no response and bodily functions shutting down. This past Thursday the Drs. felt she only had hours to live. She was moved to a Hospice House this afternoon which is a better setting for the family and the Hospice staff, counselors, Drs. and minister have been a great help to them.

It is unbelievable that these two special people are once again hit with tragedy. While prayers for Melissa's recovery are virtually too late, prayers for the Green family are really needed to help them through this ordeal. When Melissa passes, there will only be a family service to be followed by a "memorial picnic" later for family and friends to share their memories of Melissa, a beautiful and vivacious young woman. I will continue to share information as things change. 

PGM Marjoe Richards

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