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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

New Grand Representative

It was my pleasure to travel to the "Queen City of the San Juan Islands" Monday evening to present the commission of Grand Representative of New Hampshire to Sister Margaret Kennedy of Madrona Chapter.
I started by giving several facts about New Hampshire ending with "Sarah Josepha Hale, author and journalist, wrote the poem 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' in 1830."  Madrona's Associate Matron, Mary Morgan, guessed New Hampshire, and I ended with this poem:
So now to find the new grand rep,
Her hair was not as white as snow,
And everywhere her sister went,
She was also sure to go.
The sister at the organ
Is the one we're looking for;
Congratulations, Margaret,
You're our newest star!
The whole room came to their feet, and everyone was very pleased with this commission.
There were eight former grand representatives present to congratulate Sister Margaret.
Jean Ballard
Associate Grand Matron

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