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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Grand Representative

Last night I presented Allen Smith of Beulah Chapter the appointment  as Grand Representative of Mississippi in Washington. Since Allen plays the organ, I had ask him to help me with the announcement, since once you say a certain Chapter is the place to be, everyone knows there will be an appointment, the only question is who and where to. I asked Allen to play a few tunes about other states and I would interject a few songs. He did Washington's and I told him we didn't do reps to our own state, he did Ohio and I told him we already had a rep to Ohio, I sang part Georgia on my mind, he did When the Saint go Marching in, and then I did Mississippi Mud. I told him thanks for being such a great sport and helping me and since he had he should get the appointment. He was surprised because he was sure it was someone else.

Diane Rice
Grand Treasurer

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