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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New Grand Representative

This is Betty Hughes, Grand Martha.  I was able to give the commission of Grand Representative of Connecticut to my mother, Patty Hughes, Spokane Chapter, tonight January 10, 2017.

I had my escort, Alice, hand out 6 numbered envelopes to various people around the room.  Then I said we were going to play a game trying to guess which cities were the furthest from Spokane.  As I called for each number, I had the person with that envelope open it and read what I had written in the card.  For example –  “Which city is furthest from Spokane.  Honolulu Hawaii or Hartford Connecticut?”  The entire room would try to guess and I would give the answers with the number of miles of how far away each one was from Spokane.  I had 5 envelopes with various cities, and then the 6th envelope Mom had.  Inside, it said, “Mom – are  you sure you want to go to Hawaii for our next vacation?”  She couldn’t figure out why I said that.  Then after she read it out loud, I asked her if she would rather go to Connecticut as the Grand Representative.   She was quite surprised.  I had Alice escort her to the east and formally introduced her.  It was so  much fun to be able to give the commission to my mother!!

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