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Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Grand Representative

Tonight, January 20, 2016, it was my pleasure to announce Paulette Schlee as the newest Grand Representative of Arkansas in Washington. 

As most of you know I haven’t been going out of the house much, and have discovered the Game Show Channel on television and used one of those shows as my inspiration for tonight’s announcement.  Tonight we played the game “Chain Reaction” where you link a series of words.  Our teams had to link the words ‘Announcing—Grand—Representative—of—Arkansas—in—Washington’ and in the second round they had to link ‘That—Would—be—Paulette—Schlee—Congratulations’.  These words were written out on a large piece of foam board as the players guessed each word.  Before the meeting I had asked Paulette to hold the board for me, little did she know she would be helping with her own announcement.  Since she was behind the board—part of my plan--she couldn’t see what we were spelling out.  When it dawned on her that she was the new Grand Representative she was speechless, surprised and broke down in tears.  Paulette is a native of Arkansas and was thrilled, Congratulations to her and Henry Wentworth Chapter.  Paulette is in the blue book as Secretary of Henry Wentworth Chapter.

Marcia Haukaas, Grand Treasurer

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