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Thursday, January 14, 2016

New Grand Representative

Last night (01/13/2016) I traveled to Richland Chapter.
Under Good of the Order, I asked the members to tell me what five clues had in common. The fourth of five was the give-away. Diane Rice knew that the street names on the Monopoly board were from Atlantic City, New Jersey. I then followed my New Jersey GR detector (hidden in my watch) to locate the new GR. This was difficult because there were three former GR’s of New Jersey in attendance…Diane Smith, Stella Brown and Cathy Edmonson.
The detector finally led me to the West where the AP pro-tem was Cliff Groff. I announced that he was the new GR of New Jersey in WA. The look on his face was priceless! He still couldn’t believe it several minutes later and I suspect it will be this morning before the shock wears off. His wife, Cathy and the other members present were all very happy that this hard-working Brother had been so honored!
     I’ve attached a photo of Cliff, the former GR’s of NJ, and the other present and former GR’s from other Jurisdictions (myself excluded) in attendance. This was FUN!
--Pete Peterson, Associate Grand Patron

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