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Saturday, January 16, 2016

New Grand Representative

     My escort and I picked up my Mom (Genny Luther) and ventured out to my Mom's and my home Chapter, Laurel Chapter in Black Diamond.  I again had the honor to present a Commission.  This time the selection went to
Sister Leslie Cooley who is their Secretary.  She was happy, as were her Chapter members who joined in with voice agreement and applaud:)  I presented her with sequin slippers (I wanted to give her red, but could only find blue).  I explained that if she were in a tornado in Kansas she would click her blue slippers, they work as well as red:)  She loved her slippers because they were Sea hawk blue:)  So all worked well:)
      One picture is with all the Grand Representatives that were there, and another was a picture with my Mom (who doesn't get out much at 90, but decided to venture out, so the picture is the oldest Grand Representative and the newest Grand Representative in attendance:)  

Star Love,
Kay Foss, Grand Marshal

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