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Thursday, June 11, 2015

New Grand Representative

I went to Tacoma chapter to present Suzanne Martin, the Oklahoma Grand Representative commission.  I passed out 10 envelopes with answers in them.  As we asked the question trying to discover which state I was looking for, the envelopes were opened to get correct answer.  When we got to the 10th question,( this was when I wished I could sing), name the state song.  Well John Langlow had figured it out and started playing "OKLAHOMA".......then Suzanne opened her envelope which said,"Oklahoma......Suzanne Martin you are the new Grand Representative of Oklahoma".......she was stunned.  We got her to the East where I presented her certificate and pin and an Oklahoma state stone.....a red rose rock! There were lots of G. R., Grand Secretary, Grand Conductress and Grand Ruth in attendance!
Penny Norvell, Grand Marshal

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