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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Answer to Clue #10

Calvin, Mary Helen and I traveled to Spokane and had the pleasure to announce that Jane Anderson of Victory Chapter will be the East Side Chairman of the Night Owl Deputy Instructors. Her husband Tom will be her Escort. The Escorts will be called the Flight Crew!!! We are thrilled to the night moon and back. Stay tuned for the day of next week when we announce WHOOOO will be Jane’s Co-hoot partner. 

We were so excited to send the announcement info out I forgot to share this info. There to help us celebrate were 2PGM, 3PGP, 4 GO, 6GR, 3 happy deputies (including the ES Chair Karen S) 2WM & 3WP (not introduced in another categories) and a room full of cherished members. Thank you all who took the time to be with us. See you all real soon. And don't forget the FUNd Day in Tumwater this weekend. 

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