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Monday, June 15, 2015

2015-16 Deputy Instructors

Here’s the complete list of
Eastside Chairman: Jane Anderson, Victory Chapter
Westside Chairman: Alice Ashley, Maple Chapter

Baller, Bev--Maple Leaf Chapter
Bass, Nancy--Golden Rod Chapter
Bippes, Dennis--Magnolia Chapter
Blacknall, Tami--Port Orchard Chapter
Carey, Carol--Richland Chapter
Carmean, Paul--Esther Chapter
Erickson, Debbie--Lackamas Chapter
Fernandez, Jan--Southgate Chapter
Gaston, Carol--Okanogan Chapter
George, Amanda--Spokane Chapter
Graham, Kellie--Guiding Star Chapter
Gray, Donna--Alderwood Chapter
Hanson, Nancy--Cyrene Chapter
Hefflin, Lauren--Delta Chapter
Jacobs, Gary--Cedar Chapter
Jarrell, Margaret--Faith Chapter
Jones, Ellen--Poulsbo Chapter
Kinloch, Glenn--Vineland Chapter
Kirby, Donna--Tyler Chapter
Lawson, Gina--Sunshine Chapter
Miller, Dixie--Adelphi Chapter
Monk, Martin--Amethyst Chapter
Moody, Donna--Pacific Chapter
Moulden, Richard--Pyramid Chapter
Ross, Deana--Crystal Chapter
Shay, Barbara--Oasis Chapter
Sutton, Linda--Illihee Chapter
Thoreson, Candy--Bethel Chapter

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