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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Answer to Clue #9

We did it!  We traveled to Waitsburg and could hardly wait to announce that Marilyn Wilson will be Grand Warder of the Memory Makers Grand Family. Her escort is Gerry Stinnett. This chapter really knows how to turn up the heat. We had 2 PGP, 3 current grand officers, 4 GR, 2DI (Oh by the way Mary Ann, they are your DI and they will be GO for us ...) & 4 WM & WP.  Current grand warder Leslie Green was there with 4 past Grand Warders. Thank you Dottie Hardenbrook for coming all the way from Arizona and others from near and far.  A great time was had by all.  They did a wonderful initiation prior to the announcement. We congratulate all the members for their outstanding work. Newest member Skip is ready and able and thinks that all their meetings should be a full house. Stay tuned....meet us in Spokane Wednesday if you don't have another meeting scheduled.
Star love and tons of hugs. Calvin Mary Helen and Kristine

      AGM Kristine, Marilyn Wilson, Gerry Stinnett & AGP Calvin

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