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Sunday, October 23, 2011

OV's and Honor Nights!

It was another busy week in OES.

Wednesday night Belfair had a western style honor night for that desperado Dan Daly who is representing South Dakota.
Waiting on pictures from this one!

Thursday night Prosser was the place to be as Sunshine had their OV.
CLICK HERE for pictures!

Friday night we did double duty.  Rodger and Helen went to the honor night at Cyrene Chapter for Gale Thompson - Grand Representative of Virginia.
CLICK HERE for pictures!

I went to Castle Rock for the wonderful OV of Maple Chapter!  The room was packed and we had a great time.
CLICK HERE for pictures!

Saturday we went to Vancouver for the triple threat OV of Henry Wentworth, Lackamas and Martha Washington.  There were 100 members there and the work was well done!
CLICK HERE for pictures!

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