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Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Grand Representative

Following a nice initiation of Aleisha Green I took a few minutes to play a word anagram game - being assisted by several members spelling some words using the letters T,E,A, & S - then I had Lu Stephens hold the letter "X" and placed the other letters around her to spell the word TEXAS. It was my great pleasure to be able to present Sister Louella "Lu" Stephens the commission as Grand Representative of Texas in Washington. Sister Lu is already looking ahead to July when she can attend Grand Chapter in Beaumont. It was nice to have Mary Kingsbury there, who resigned the Texas commission at midnight on October 4th. With Mary was her sister Cornelia, with her who was up here from Texas to attend Mary's honor night on Monday. Presenting the commission was a great way to end a very nice meeting. Thanks to all who came to make the evening special for our newest member and the newest Grand Representative.

Gerry Mosler, AGM

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