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Friday, October 7, 2011

General Grand Appointments from Washington!!!!!!!

Reported by Ann Gates, PGM:

I just talked to Cheri who is at WV Grand Chapter and the following announcements for the next triennium have been made. Bobbi did say that only the ones who were in attendance at the WV GC session would be announced and each jurisdiction may well have more appointments that will be announced at a later date. This is very exciting for Washington Grand Chapter.

Joy Lough - Worthy Grand Ruth
Bev Haave - Ambassador to Australia
Cheri Moll - Chairman of the Shrine Charities Committee
Tom Schenewerk - Benevolent Committee

WooHoo! And congratulations to all!  What an honor for our state!

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JoDee said...

Woo~hoo!!! Congrats to all!