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Thursday, October 20, 2011

King County Traveling Gavel News

On October 18th Greenwood Chapter held the October meeting celebrating their birthday, honoring the 5 year Past Matron and Patron, and Galloping Gavel. Worthy Matron Linda Mock and Worthy Patron Tim Hall welcomed all. The meeting was highlighted by the parading of the birthday cake and a trip down Memory lane with PM Beth Eng, Bill Shortt and Tim Hall. The three chapters contesting for the gavel were Amethyst, Analia and Rada Uphus. The King County Galloping Gavel rules  state that there must be 10 or more chapter members present before opening concludes.

Amethyst had 10 members, Analia had 9 (only 8 counted) and Rada Uphus had 9, arriving after opening concluded. Therefore, Amethyst Chapter was the winner!   Worthy Matron Gayle Dunston and Worthy Patron Norman Horst were elated.   Norm had made the case for the gavel years ago so it was a double pleasure to see it again! The October 25th meeting at Amethyst is the Official Visit of the  Worthy Grand Matron so the gavel will not be available for claiming until the November 22nd meeting. We will celebrate with the Initiation of FOUR new  members. Please join us at Alki Masonic Center for this happy event.
Linda Burton
Associate Conductress

Amethyst #138

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