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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Catching up!

Been under the weather with the crud and then out of town on business, so sorry about the lack of updates and thank you to Mary Ellen Sparks for keeping everything going in my absence. 

Rodger Collins has been busy snapping pictures of events in the meantime and here are links to all those he has sent. 

February 3 - Dual Honor Night for Sparkler Deputies Mary Ann Metcalf of Alderwood and Pam Ellsworth of Golden Rod - Click here!

February 5 - Reception for Grand Secretary Sandra K. Henry - Click here!

February 6 - Pierce Thurston Secretary Treasurer Luncheon honoring Grand Secretary Sandra K Henry and Grand Treasurer Marcia Haukaas - Click here!

February 7 - Official Visit at Waitsburg and Alki Chapters in Waitsburg - Click here!

February 11 - Port Orchard Sweetheart Luncheon - Click here!

February 11 - Merger - Montesano Chapter into Centralia Chapter - Click here!

I have also added pictures to the announcements for our two newest Grand Representatives that Mary Ellen posted earlier.

Hugs to all and please remember, if you're sick - stay home!

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