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Thursday, February 3, 2011

2011 - Feb 2 OV Kirkland & Lakeside and New GR announced

Over 80 members gathered in Kirkland on Wednesday as WGM Linda with WGP Dick had the official visit of Kirkland and Lakeside Chapters.

WM Paula Sonker and WP PT Ralph Omholt, then WP Ron Moll of Kirkland did a great job of opening, introductions and getting the business of the chapter handled.

Under Good of the Order, Assoc. Gr. Conductress Stephanie Hoye approached the East to announce the two people who will serve as chairmen of her session.  She pointed out that the people in this position must be organized, creative, flexible, good leaders and self starters.  Both of her chairmen have those qualities.  The first one announced was Paula Sonker - current WM of Kirkland Chapter. 

The second chairman announced was Dianna Kaspar - current Secretary of Kirkland Chapter.  After the excitement of these announcements died down, Stephanie also announced that Dianna was the new Grand Representative of Massachusetts in Washington.  Shock and tears followed as she was given her new pin and the necessary paperwork.  She and her Kirkland travel mates are already planning a trip to Massachusetts Grand Chapter in May.

When the excitement died down, WM Joanne Bornstine and WP Ralph Omholt and their officers did a beautiful job exemplifying the Golden Chain.

It was a wonderful evening and everyone had a great time.

Click here for pictures from the OV and here for additional pictures for our new GR from Rodger Collins.

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