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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Two More Grand Representatives

Last night (February 4th) I was able to give a commission to Jennie Palmer of Victory chapter.  She will be Grand Representative of New Brunswick, Canada.  I was so happy she was there because she had another foot surgery last Friday and it was iffy if she was going to make chapter. phoooo!!!!!dodged that one what is it about me and feet lol.  She is listed in the Blue Book as JPM.
Marita Bothman, Grand Electa

I am pleased to announce that I presented The Grand Representative commission of New York to Alberta “Peaches” Frye at Belfair Chapter tonight (Wed February 4, 2015).
We created a skit in honor of Valentine’s Day.  It depicted a scene from the movie Sleepless in Seattle where the couple was to meet on the Empire State Building in New York City.  We seated Peaches and Andy Withers at the table and I played the waiter.  After I opened the Martinelli’s and poured it into their wine glasses I gave them menus and asked them to order.  The whole time our Organist was playing different songs from the movie to see who could figure out what was coming.  We had written a note inside Peaches’ menu which said “I will have the same thing that the Grand Representative of New York is having”.  She read it but still didn’t understand.  I had her read it again and this time she figured it out. She was quite surprised and excited.
She is the mother of Pam Rookard, Past Grand Warder.  She is presently listed in the Blue Book as Associate Conductress of Port Orchard Chapter.
Thank you, Lee Ison, Grand Chaplain

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