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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New Grand Representative

Tuesday evening, February 3rd, I traveled to Alma Chapter in Kennewick to present the Grand Representative commission for Massachusetts in Washington.
To find our honoree, I pulled Professor Russell out of retirement and conducted a short pop quiz.  
I went to the Secretary, to Adah, to Esther, and to the Associate Conductress asking them historical questions requiring them to name a state on the east coast.  Sister Esther pleaded that she'd "failed history, don't call on me!"  She still got half-a-point for her partially correct answer.  Lastly, I went to Sister Phyllis Williams, Chapter Martha, who wrapped her arms around her head and exclaimed, "Oh, no, not me!  I can't answer questions!"  "Oh, yes you can," was my response.  And I then asked her to name a state in New England that has the oldest Grand Lodge in the nation and that had a very famous event associated with tea.  "Massachusetts," she asks hesitantly.  "Yes," I exclaimed, "and YOU are the new Grand Representative of Massachusetts in Washington!!"
Cheers and laughter, and many tears of joy followed.  Sister Phyllis was presented in the East, given her commission certificate and pin, and a hearty welcome from all present.
Calvin Russell, AGP

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