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Friday, June 8, 2012

New Westside Deputy Chairman for 2012-13

A packed house at Alderwood Chapter last night for Friends Night, the presentation of Ann Gate’s 50 year pin, and the announcement of Sharon Gray as the Westside Chairman of the Deputy Instructors for next year. AGM Gerry and AGP Terry, with the assistance of “Gilligan” Terry and “Mary Ann” Nancy, escorted Donna Gray to the east to join WM Sharon as the announcement was made. There 13 previous Westside Chairmen and 4 Eastside Chairmen, as well as current Eastside Chairman, in attendance to support the announcement of Sharon.

The newly announced Eastside Chairman, Carole Lee Walk was there, as were some of the Deputies for next year who have been announced in their chapters.

A fun evening for all who attended.

Gerry Mosler
Associate Grand Matron

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