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Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Grand Martha for 2012-13

The room was packed as people came to see who the final addition to our Grand Family will be. Under responses our assistants, Gilligan (Terry), and Mary Ann (Nancy) were unable to find who they were looking for. Nancy decided she would be Grand Martha and Terry would be her escort. However AGP Bob and I overrode their decision and announced WM Jean Ballard as our Grand Martha. There were 7 PGM and PGP to support our announcement and there were 5 Past Grand Martha's which included Eunice Gaston, Past Worthy Grand Martha, as well as Jeannette Carroll, current Grand Martha. Several of Jean's Tea Time Stars and Forget-Me-Nots were also there. We are thrilled to have all of our officers named and now we move forward to Grand Chapter in just 2 weeks!

We wish to thank all who have come to the announcements to show their support of the LIGHTKEEPER GRAND FAMILY we have chosen. We look forward to all that is ahead and in only a SHORT 2 weeks another year will be under way.

Lighthouse Hugs to all,

Gerry Mosler
Associate Grand Matron

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