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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


       I had the privilege of attending Guiding Star Chapter in Sumner tonight (June 19th) to present the Grand Representative commission for Indiana to Sister Linda Ogren.
       Worthy Matron Cindy Sims and Worthy Patron Pete Cole have a race car theme this term and all of the officers wear "finish line printed" black and white vests.  I purchased a number of plastic race cars (four inches in size) and passed them out to several members present.   On the bottom of each car was taped an answer to one of the questions I asked about the state of Indiana.  When I asked what the state flower of Indiana was, Linda opened her taped answer and it said "You are the new GR of Indiana".  She was completely surprised and delighted.  There were 2 PGPs, two Grand Officers, and two GRs present, including Bill Pond, Laurel Chapter, who was announced last Thursday night as the new GR of Tennessee.
Jeannette Carroll, Grand Martha

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