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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thank you!

“Thank you” - inadequate words to express the gratitude we feel for all of the love and support we received over the past several months of mom’s illness and her passing. People who don’t belong to an organization such as ours have no idea what a HUGE network of friends we have, and how much they help in times of need. 

Mom loved and appreciated the many, many cards she received (especially the humorous ones) and they lifted her spirits when she was feeling down. I know that the mailmen at our houses have gotten a workout from the large number of cards they have delivered recently! Thank you to all who came to the service on May 17th – we wanted to honor this special lady in a way that would make her proud, and we feel that we accomplished that. Having you there helped to add to the celebration of her life, as you were a VERY large part of her life.

It will be difficult for us to go to meetings, receptions, and Grand Chapter without thinking about mom – she loved going and being with the members. But we have great memories of her and those memories will bring us comfort when we need them most.

You are wonderful Sisters and Brothers and we are grateful to you for all you have done for us.

In OES Love and Friendship,
Gerry Mosler, Associate Grand Matron
Terry Mosler, Worthy Patron, Occidental Chapter
Jamie Mosler, Worthy Matron, Occidental Chapter
Kate Kalmbach, Associate Matron, Occidental Chapter

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