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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Grand Chaplain and Grand Warder for 2012-13

The announcements are continuing! 

New Grand Chaplain:
At Martha Chapter last night there was a nice crowd to see who the newest member of the grand family will be. WM Elaine and WP Dick Weigel had a nice meeting and under Good of the Order AGM Gerry and AGP Bob, with their assistants Gilligan (Terry) and Marianne (Nancy) escorted Tom Henson and Marilyn Schahfer to the east. AGP Bob introduced Tom Henson as Grand Chaplain. Those in attendance included 4 PGM's (June Lee, Marjoe Richards, Diane Osborne, and Linda Runyan), 2 PGP's (J. Paul Fitzsimmons and Dick Weigel), 6 Past Grand Chaplains (Carla Bolenus, Clayton Sparks, Diane Osborne, Connie Shrum, Harold Hill and John Chamberlain) and Jim Iversen, current Grand Chaplain.

New Grand Warder:
Last night at Guiding Star Chapter Bob and I were pleased to announce Sister Terry Cramer as our Grand Warder. Terry's escort next year will be her husband Al. There was a very nice turnout to see who was getting the appointment, including 2 PGM's (Gerry Shafer and Bev Haave) and 4 PGP's (Gary Craig, Bill Hammontree, Terry Wiggins, and Dennis Okicich). There were 5 Past Grand Warders there - Doris Tibbitts, Kay Woodward, Donna Miles, Darlene Wiggins and Donna Lind. There were also 2 of our other Grand Officers there - Louann Yager, Gr. Electa and Nancy Jorgensen, Gr. Esther.
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We will give you a break for a little while and pick up announcements again soon, so please stay tuned.
Lighthouse Hugs to all,
Gerry Mosler

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