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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Grand Esther for 2012-13

There was a great turnout at Cyclamen Chapter in Auburn as we announced Nancy Jorgensen as our Grand Esther. Her special escort is her husband Al. There were 3 past Grand Esther's in attendance - Jill Okicich, Lorna Burns, and Jean Lindburg. There were also several Past Grand Matrons and Patrons at the meeting. 

Skipper Gerry, Firstmate Bob, Gilligan Terry and MaryAnn Nancy had a little trouble with one of the Past Grand escorts - seems Darlene Wiggins really wanted to be the grand officer but we had to tell her we were sorry, but not this time!

A fun time was had by all and we appreciate the support. Rodger will put pictures on the blog - Thanks Rodger!

Stay tuned for the next announcement coming SOON!

Lighthouse Hugs to all,
Gerry Mosler
CLICK HERE for pictures!

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