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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Parking for Grand Conductress Reception Saturday Feb 17

For those inquiring about parking at the Edmonds Masonic Center on Saturday, there are some parking lots within about a block or two you might want to try. 

You can park in the lot at the Christian Science Church at the corner of 6th and Maple - one block south of the Center.

You can park in the lot at the pet store at the corner of 6th and Main - one block northeast and down the alley from the Center - but PLEASE LEAVE THE SPOTS BY THEIR DOOR OPEN FOR THEIR PATRONS or they won't let us park there anymore.

You can park in the municipal lot at 6th and Bell by the Police Department and Municipal Court if you have been good - about 2 blocks north of the Center.

If you like to read, you might try the parking lot at the library about a block and a half east of the Center on Dayton.

We look forward to seeing you and hope for good weather!

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