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Thursday, February 2, 2012


On February 1st Sunnyside Chapter members & visitors followed the dot-to-dot numbers to discover the outline of the state of Missouri, while learning interesting tidbits about that state. Missouri's flower is the sweet flowering hawthorn, their tree the dogwood, their bird the blue bird, etc.
A portion of the Missouri Worthy Grand Matron's greeting to the new appointee was shared with the the membership. Then it was time to unveil the newly commissioned Grand Representative of Missouri by presenting her with the symbols of her state and her blue & gold jewel.
It was probably a good thing Worthy Matron Roberta Still had been sitting! To say this Maplet Deputy Instructor was being "blown away" might be an understatement. She was very "still" upon her announcement.
Following the meeting a phone call was made to Gary Roth, the previous Grand Representative of Missouri. It seems Gary and Roberta will be sharing more information.
Shirley Armstrong, Grand Warder

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