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Monday, January 17, 2011

Prayers needed

Our Grand Ruth Anita Borst could use some booster prayers right now.   Here's what she says.

Hello Everyone,
This is just an update which it seems to me is the same each month!  I am in a real low period.
My white and red Blood counts are almost bottomed out.  I seem to just have enough energy to walk from the couch to the kitchen.  The doctor just says don't worry, you do this every 10 day cycle after Chemo and you always come back up again in time to be hit with the next treatment.  I have sores in my mouth and nose.  I made a mistake last week and asked the dentist assistant if I could use some teeth whitener.  She gave me some so I went home and used it once.  I now have blisters on my gums along with everything else!!  What a nightmare.
My last treatment is the 24th of January.  I will never use whitener again.....

Hope everyone is well.


Let's send her some extra special prayers and maybe a few cards to let her know we care!

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