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Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 - Jan 8 - Reception for Grand Marshal Karin Whipple

It was cold outside, but the atmosphere at the Scottish Rite Center in Shoreline was filled with warmth and friendship as members, family and friends came together to honor our Grand Marshal Karin Whipple. 

The Forget-me-not Deputy Instructors prepared and served a delicious lunch and then the officers of Greenwood Chapter, led by WM & WP Flo and Jerry Wilkins introduced almost everyone in the packed Chapter room.  Since Karin is known for tearing up at the slightest thing, the Grand Officers all presented tissues, handkerchiefs or things related to crying.

Responses were given by WGM Linda, WGP Dick, GGCCM & PGP Brian Gross, PGM Kit Wells and PGP Dennis Okicich.  The Past Grand Marshals (10 were present) fought over who should be the mystery speaker, but AGC Stephanie Hoye won out and, wearing her favorite "Oh, by the way.." t-shirt, she proceeded to give Karin advice on being Grand Marshal and presented her with a homemade portable tissue holder for use at Grand Chapter.

Afterwards everyone enjoyed delicious refreshments in the dining room.

Click here for pictures from Rodger Collins

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