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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Prayers needed for Joan Kershner

I just received this from Vicki Chamberlain.  Joan was one of our Guiding Angel Deputies, a Former Grand Representative and a Friend of a Feather for PMWGM Barbara Benton.  She really needs our thoughts and prayers now.
To OES, Rainbow and Amaranth Friends,

It is with a sad heart that I write this e-mail.  Joan was moved from St Joseph’s Care Center to her home with Hospice care today.  She wanted nothing more than to go home.  She isn’t interested in more therapy, or tests, or medication – she just wants the doctors to control her pain and let her go home.  She has stated that she is ready to join John, the love of her life, and as her daughter Mikie told me, it’s time to do what Mom wants to do, not what we want her to do or keep asking her to do.  The kids are hopeful that she might rally and do better at home.  Often times, that is what happens in a case like this, but there will be no more cancer treatments or the surgery she needs to cure her cancer.

The doctor at St. Joe’s told the family, that there isn’t really any one thing that has caused Joan to go downhill so fast, but rather a multitude of “wrecks”.  A young person can rally back from 2 – 3 wrecks and keep going just fine, a 76 year old has much more trouble coming back.  Joan has undergone chemo therapy, radiation, 2 bouts of pneumonia, an infection in her port that has been likened to TB and will take at least 6 months of antibiotics to cure (which cause her to be very sick), urinary tract infections caused from the antibiotics, and a fall this summer that broke 3 vertebrae and have caused her to be in extreme back pain.  Way too many wrecks….

Joan’s daughter Mikie asked me to let you all know that any of her friends are welcome to visit.  She brightens up anytime someone comes to see her.  She is weak and tires quickly, but a quick visit to tell her you love her, might be just what you and she needs.  If you have not seen her in the last month, she is very frail, her memory comes and goes, and she has lost a lot of weight. Her appearance has changed and Mikie wanted me to make sure everyone knows that.  Don’t let that keep you from visiting her. Her home phone is not working right now, but should be in the next few days.  Her cell phone doesn’t work at home.

“No one can affirm that another year or even a single day will be committed to our trust”.  Pray for comfort for Joan and her family.  God has a plan, and only he knows when we will go home.


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