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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Past Grands in need of some prayers

Thanks to Don Beck for this information

I received some new updates as follows and many thanks for your inputs.

Mary Callen sent me the following on Chuck on Monday, 18th :
Here is an update on Chuck. He doesn't seem to be doing so well, extremely weak, but they tell us it just takes a very long time with this kind of surgery. (Of course, he is impatient.) I'm not going to our OV tonight, as I am chapter Esther, but WGM Linda said all will understand and told me I don't need to take any bug home anyway. We feel so bad missing all of the Receptions & OV's but next year will be better.

Thanks for all of the updates on Anne & Tom.
Mary & Chuck

I received the following on Anne Hendrex from Diane Osborne yesterday. Thanks Diane for this follow-up:
I stopped in to see Anne this morning. She is not doing so well. She feels awful. She has apparently got some bleeding going on in her bowels. It has made her weak. She is also low on protein. They brought in a protein shake while I was there. She took a few bites. She says she is not eating very well as nothing tastes like food.
The Mersa, or infection, seems to be regressing quite well. There is apparently nothing new that is growing. Her knee also feels good. However, her feet are so swollen. She is supposed to be walking, but she only goes a little way and then back to bed. She just doesn't have the energy.

She did want me to tell everyone thank you for the cards, prayers, visits, and phone calls. She has surely appreciated them. She still needs some cheering up so please keep those cards etc. coming.

Her daughters are continuing to take turns to stay with her. Today, Anne, was up in Omak to get her mail and check on her house.

Chocolate Hugs & Kisses,
Diane O
And great news from Donna Craig on Tom Schenewerk as follows, yesterday 19th:

Just got a call from Tom and he is going home!!!! He is looking forward to his own chair.
Marcia talked to Elaine Nelson that Florence Morris' daughter-in-law Linda picked her up and took her to see Florence. They all had lunch at St. Vincent’s and Florence was up and dressed and walked to lunch. (I suspect Florence used her walker.) They talked about old times together, but Florence would listen more than talk. I will try and get up there soon and let you know how she is doing too. I’m sure she enjoys your cards.

Don Beck, PGP

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