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Friday, October 8, 2010

New Grand Representative of Illinois in Washington

Tonight, Oct 7, was friendship night at Lackamas Chapter with a "Wild Side/Safari" theme. During responses, Mary Helen Johnson, Grand Adah, and I, excused ourselves for a few minutes and came back as Lion Hunters. Using the children's rhyme "Goin on a lion hunt" we circled the room hunting for lions. We were dressed as safari hunters, with binoculars--one set was two toilet paper rolls--canteens that looked very much like flasks (empty) and of course our trusty boots and guns--large squirt guns.

When we got behind Esther's chair we found and shot the lion but missed and hit Carol Baily, Esther at Lackamas Chapter. She needed first aide, and we just happened to have a large band aide with a Grand Representative pin attached. We "taped" her up and took her to the hospital--the East--and announced that Carol Baily of Lackamas Chapter is the new Grand Representative of Illinois in Washington. She was thrilled and so was all in attendance.

Carol's address is: 8016 NE 14th St, Vancouver, WA 98664-1012, 360.693.8240.

Congratulations, Carol.

Marcia Haukaas
Grand Treasurer

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