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Monday, September 27, 2010

From the latest Stars of Washington & Connie Shrum

Prayers needed -
The following about our MWGP Brother Fred Clark.....Needing prayers and positive thinking from all the members of our Order.
Cards to
Fred Clark, MWGP
21 Hidden Meadows Place
Coldbrook, NS B4R 0A3

My Dear Sisters and Brothers:

This is difficult for me to write and I do so with a heavy heart. However you are my Fraternal Family and I want to tell you personally via this email I have been diagnosed with Lung Cancer, which has spread to the Liver.

As you know I came home from the Northwest States tour with Pneumonia. This drained me. In the process of checks and x rays, which showed a gradual improvement, a Radiologist detected something suspicious.

Thus began a series of testing x rays, CT scans Ultra Sounds, biopsies and meetings with Medical teams. In the past week it has been determined that Radiation will not be an option. But if, with the build up of my immune system through Steroids and I choose a Chemo treatment will be started. This will be a treatment twice (2) a month for 4 months, if my system can tolerate it. I feel a bit better today than yesterday or the day before-- perhaps knowing helps

I have chosen not to release this, except to my Family, until I knew what I had and what I was facing so the rumor mill would not run rampant. After my Family you are my Fraternal Family and I need to let you know.

-- Fred MWGP

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Letter from our Worthy Grand Matron –
August 2010

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

In the effort to raise money for the Worthy Grand Matron’s and the Worthy Grand Patron’s projects this year, we are having a special fund raiser in the form of a quilt raffle in which every member will have an opportunity to share.

Every chapter that donates $25 will have its name on the quilt. Every member will also have the opportunity to purchase a place for their name at $5 each, and every $5 purchase will entitle them to a raffle ticket for a chance to win the quilt. No one's name will be put on the quilt more than once, but individuals may purchase more than one ticket and thus increase their chances to win the quilt.

If a person desires to purchase more chances on the quilt, they can either chose the name of some other member who is special to them to add to the quilt or they may simply purchase more tickets without adding any names. We will keep a database of all the names to be listed so that none should be duplicated.

The Sparkler Deputy Instructors will have tickets to sell and will take the names of all the Chapters and individual names to be turned in for the quilt.

The most important part of this endeavor is that the membership will have the opportunity to contribute very generously and positively in our efforts towards Cancer Research and Diabetes Research.

Sisters and brothers, I challenge you to see just how many names we can add to this quilt.

The absolute deadline for all names to be added to the quilt will be February 15, 2010, so please make your ticket purchases and chapter donations promptly to enable the quilt to be finished with as many names as possible.

Let’s all of us do what we are able to do in fighting Cancer and Diabetes.

Linda Runyan, WGM

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