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Monday, September 27, 2010

2010 - 09-21 - OV & Homecoming, Rada Uphus

(Unofficial count) 106 people were pleased to attend the official visit of WGM Linda with WGP Dick and Homecoming of Jr. Past Grand Patron Dennis Okicich at Rada Uphus Chapter in Bothell.

WM Dottie DiGiulio and WP Vinny DiGiulio and their officers did a great job of opening, introductions and conducting the business of the Chapter.

The members of Rada Uphus were pleased to be there to honor their own PGP.

The American Emerald Grand Family honored their "Dad" with their presence and with a wonderful skit as the OES bus went for one last spin around the room.

It was a lovely evening and a good time.
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