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Monday, September 27, 2010

2010 - 09-21 OV Pilgrim, Esther & Key City

(Unofficial count) 87 members took the beautiful drive to the Olympic Peninsula and Sequim for the official visit of WGM Linda with WGP Dick to Pilgrim, Esther and Key City Chapters. 

Pilgrim's WM Pam Baxter and WP Tony Baxter and their officers did a great job of opening and introductions.  WM Debbie Wheeler and WP Bob Wheeler of Esther then lead their officers through a beautiful Golden Chain.  Key City's WM Cindy Schneider and WP Tom Hall took over for the rest of the meeting.

The Grand Officers really enjoyed the evening, especially the entertainment by the fractured fairies of Key City.  This time ably lead by Mary (Sharko) Fairy and starring Katie (Glessing) Angel Fairy and Neil (Glessing) Gingerbread Man Fairy.  Hopefully more pictures will be coming soon.

It was a wonderful evening and everyone had a great time.
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