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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 1, 2010 - Another Announcement!!

Hello to all,

This is to let you know that last night June 1st I went to Fern chapter to announce that Gloria Spears is a new 2010-2011 Deputy instructor.

My announcement went very well last night. I brought an apple, read a list of good qualities that a teacher should have and gave the new deputy a few items a teacher may need, like happy face stickers a note pad and Super sticky notes. Gloria kept her mouth shut as did I and it was a great surprise to Kathleen Mitchell, a current Dresden star deputy and to Linda Polly, Worthy Matron of Fern chapter. They all thought for sure it was a certain star member when we went hunting for our new deputy. They were all surprised when the apple was handed to Gloria.

Thank you for allowing me to do this announcement Associate Grand Matron Linda.

Laura Thomas,
Dresden Star Deputy

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