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Thursday, June 10, 2010

2010 - June 10 - Message from the WGP

To the Members of the Grand Chapter

Three Thousand thank yous for all the Love, Support, and Beautiful donations to the first Grand Chapter FunD raiser day, held on Saturday June 5th 2010, at the Masonic center in Mt. Vernon.

Sister Linda Miller, and her great committee, with a lot of volunteer help, planned and executed an outstanding day of fun, food, fellowship, games, and sales of many newly found treasurers.

Thanks to all who donated, collected and delivered a literal lodge room full of gowns, suits, tuxes, coats, and shoes to be sold at very nice prices. Special thanks to PGM Margaret Morgan, who manned the check out station, and collected the monies.

Chairperson, Linda Miller and Brother Stephen Doran did an outstanding job of securing the facility, planning the food and activities of the afternoon. They provided a whole day of revelry, from breakfast thru lunch, and even clean up.

Perhaps the most fun, for spectators, was the Wet Sponge Toss at the Grand officer’s and escorts from this year. Many gallons of water were used, and a great profit was made. 3 sponges for a $1.00 or a bucket of water for $5.00….some of those were thrown…great fun was had by all – even the receivers of the sponge or buckets – admitted it was a good time.

Breakfast and Lunch were both served. Pancakes, sausage, juice, coffee, and tea for breakfast. For lunch, hot dogs, hamburgers and chips, a baked potato bar w/ all the toppings and soda.

It was a great day of fun and fellowship. Many left w/ new treasures…

Thank you again to Linda and the committee for a job well done.

Dennis Okicich
Worthy Grand Patron

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