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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

New Grand Representative

On Monday, October 2, 2017, I had the pleasure and honor of announcing a Grand Representative Appointment.
            I chose a few not very helpful clues as to the jurisdiction of this commission, I did not want everyone to correctly guess immediately, however after the 4th or 5th clue the Chapter unanimously yelled out "Montana". 
            Brother Wally Foulkes was escorted to the East, presented with his pin and commission as the Grand Representative of Montana in Washington.  Brother Wally knows the state well since it takes him two days every year to go through it.  The Chapter was very pleased for Brother Wally.  Pictures were taken after the meeting with the current and former Grand Representatives present:  Sisters Irene Jacobs, Gini Dryer Dow, Nancy Shine, Eloise Boyer, Patricia DeMuth, Donna Kirby, Karen Karnes, Donna Benson and Deanna Johnson,
            Brother Wally is listed in the current Blue Book under Faith Chapter as Associate Patron.   
            Congratulations, Wally
Patricia DeMuth, Grand Adah

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